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Mini Chiller
Cooling Capacity :13kW-28kW
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Mini Chiller

Wide Working Range

Cooling mode: available ambient temperature range 19~47.

heating mode: available ambient temperature range-12~24.

Built-in Circulating Water Pump

Standard built-in circulating water pump significantly saves the installation work on site

Unload Valve

The unload valve is used for close water system, when the pressure increases to a certain point, the unload valve will automatically open, which can protect the system from high pressure danger.

Expansion Tank

It has the effect which can keep the balance of water flow and pressure, avoid unload valve frequent opening and water supply valve filling water frequently

Model name ACMI-H12/4 ACMI-H16/5 ACMI-H28/5
Capacity Cooling/Heating Btu/h 44500/49000 54500/60500 97500/104000
kW 13.0/14.3 16.1/17.7 28.5/30.4
Electric Data Power Supply V~,Hz,Ph 220~240,50,1 380~415,50,3 380~415,50,3
Cooling/Heating Power Input kW 4.48/4.70 5.60/5.80 9.80/10.00
Cooling/Heating Current A 22.7/22.8 10.6/10.7 18.3/18.1
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll Scroll
Quantity Pieces 2 2 2
Refrigerant Type R22 R22 R22
Air Side Heat Exchanger Type Copper tube-fin coil Copper tube-fin coil Copper tube-fin coil
Fan Quantity Pieces 2 1 2
Air Flow Volume m3/h 5600 7200 12000
Water Side Heat Exchanger Type Plate heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
Water Resistance kPa 50 54 54
Water Flow Volume m3/h 2.24 2.77 4.90
Max. Pressure MPa 1 1 1
Water Pump Head 16 22 23
Water Pump Input W 290 580 940
Dimension(W×D×H) Net mm 1160×560×1260 1000×660×1800 1600×660×1800
Packing mm 1280×740×1450 1140×780×1990 1800×780×1990
Weight Net/Gross kg 192/205 250/265 360/375
Inlet/Oulet Water Pipe mm DN25 DN32 DN40
Noise dB(A) 60 61 63
Safety Protection Hi/low pressure /water flux/over heating/over current/lack-phase/anti-phase protection
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